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4592General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceEasyIn which fast food chain can you order a Jamocha Shake?2Yung2Die
4590MythologyTrue / FalseEasyA wyvern is the same as a dragon.Shifty
4588Entertainment: Japanese Anime & MangaTrue / FalseHardIn the "Kagerou Daze" series, Shintaro Kisaragi is prominently shown with the color red.Gengar49
4587Entertainment: MusicTrue / FalseMediumMusical artist, Future, collaborated with Kendrick Lamar for the song: "Mask Off".MaskOn
4586General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich candy is NOT made by Mars?Megamunchies
4585General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich country, not including Japan, has the most people of japanese decent?Megamunchies
4584HistoryMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich country was Josef Stalin born in?Megamunchies
4583GeographyTrue / FalseHardThe two largest ethnic groups of Belgium are Flemish and Walloon. Megamunchies
4581GeographyMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich small country is located between the borders of France and Spain?Megamunchies
4580General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich country drives on the left side of the road?Megamunchies
4579HistoryMultiple ChoiceHardWhat was the last colony the UK ceded marking the end of the British Empire?Megamunchies
4578HistoryMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich modern country is known as "The Graveyard of Empires"?Megamunchies
4577GeographyMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich country was NOT part of the Soviet Union?Megamunchies
4576HistoryMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat was the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union in WW2?Megamunchies
4575GeographyTrue / FalseEasyNova Scotia is on the east coast of Canada.Godzillan
4574Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceEasyWhere does the original Friday The 13th movie take place?Conjo
4573Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceHardIn the Friday The 13th series, what year did Jason drown in?Conjo
4570Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceMediumIn the Friday The 13th series, what is Jason's mother's first name?Conjo
4567Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceHardWhich of the following games was NOT included in Valve's Orange Box?KisTricK
4563Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceHardWhich of the following is the term for "surgical complications resulting from surgical sponges left inside the patient's body?CyberLink
4562General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich of these words means "idle spectator"?CyberLink
4560ArtMultiple ChoiceMediumWho designed the Chupa Chups logo?CyberLink
4559GeographyMultiple ChoiceMediumHow many rivers are in Saudi Arabia?CyberLink
4558Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumIn the game Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege, what organization is Valkyrie from?Gizmo1215
4556General KnowledgeTrue / FalseMediumHaggis is traditionally ate on Burns Night.TartanDavy