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9493Science: ComputersMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat does the computer software acronym JVM stand for?Karen
9014Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyWhen was "Luigi's Mansion 3" released?Noctithra
9011Entertainment: Video GamesTrue / FalseEasyIn "Space Station 13", the station has a clown aboard it.Coldflame
9010Entertainment: Video GamesTrue / FalseEasyThe shotgun appears in every numbered Resident Evil game.Coldflame
9009Entertainment: Video GamesTrue / FalseEasy"Resident Evil 7" is the first first-person Resident Evil game.Coldflame
9008Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumIn "Resident Evil 2", which virus was William Birkin mutated by?Coldflame
9007Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich of the following characters is NOT playable in "Resident Evil 6"?Coldflame
9006Entertainment: Video GamesTrue / FalseMediumIn "Resident Evil", only Chris has access to the grenade launcher.Coldflame
9005General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceHardIn "Resident Evil 3", how many inventory slots does Jill have at the start of the game?Coldflame
9004Entertainment: Video GamesTrue / FalseMediumIn the Resident Evil series, Leon S. Kennedy is a member of STARS.Coldflame
6413General KnowledgeTrue / FalseEasyThe mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.IronsFinest
6355Entertainment: Cartoon & AnimationsMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich singer provided the voice of Metroid's Mother Brain in the animated series "Captain N: The Game Master"?KazuhiraMewtwo
6354Entertainment: FilmTrue / FalseMediumThe original ending of "Little Shop Of Horrors" has the plants taking over the world.KazuhiraMewtwo
6028Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyIn the "Metal Gear Solid" series, what's the name of Solid Snake's brother?Muhjk
5762General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceEasyWho is the author of Jurrasic Park?Bourbaki1729
5673GeographyMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat is the longest river in Europe?Avalica
5667Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceMediumDeionized water is water with which of the following removed?Death2121
5666Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceHardThe word "science" stems from the word "scire" meaning what?Death2121
5665Entertainment: Japanese Anime & MangaMultiple ChoiceHardWho was the Author of the manga Monster Hunter Orage?TungHeeLo
5664Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceEasy"Hallelujah" is a song written by which Canadian recording artist?MajesticGopher
5653General KnowledgeTrue / FalseMediumInstant mashed potatoes were invented by Canadian Edward Asselbergs in 1962.Riolar
5652VehiclesTrue / FalseMediumThe snowmobile was invented by Canadian Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1937.Riolar
5650General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceHardWhich of these cities does NOT have a United States Minting location?Codex
5649Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceHardWhich of these animals belongs in class Chondrichthyes?Avalica
5648Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat lies at the center of our galaxy?Codex