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3428Entertainment: TelevisionTrue / FalseMediumKlingons once had a period of Democracy in their history, they referred to it as the "Dark Times".MrManifesto
3427Entertainment: TelevisionTrue / FalseMediumKlingons respect William Shakespeare, they even suspect him having a Klingon lineage.MrManifesto
3426Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceHardWhat is the Klingon's afterlife called?MrManifesto
3425Entertainment: TelevisionTrue / FalseEasyKlingons express emotion in art through opera and poetryMrManifesto
3424Entertainment: TelevisionTrue / FalseMediumKlingons respect their disabled comrades, and those who are old, injuried, and helpless.MrManifesto
3423Entertainment: TelevisionTrue / FalseHardThe Klingon home planet is Qo'noSMrManifesto
3422Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceMediumIn Star Trek, what is the Ferengi's First Rule of Acquisition?MrManifesto
3421Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich of following is rude and dishonorable by Klingon standards?MrManifesto
3420Entertainment: BooksMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat is the name of Sherlock Holmes's brother?MrManifesto
3419Entertainment: BooksMultiple ChoiceHardWhich of the following is NOT a work done by Shakespeare?MrManifesto
3418Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceHardWhich of these in the Star Trek series is NOT Klingon food?MrManifesto
3417Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumIn the game Pokémon Conquest, how many kingdoms make up the region of Ransei?SuperCraig64
3416Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumIn the game Pokémon Conquest, which warlord is able to bond with Zekrom and a shiny Rayquazza?SuperCraig64
3415SportsMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich team has won the most Stanley Cups in the NHL?Galaxize
3413Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyWho is the main protagonist in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair?Tacomaster01
3412Entertainment: ComicsMultiple ChoiceMediumIn the comics, which Sonic character took command of the Dark Legion after Luger's assassination?BabysFirstAAAGame
3411Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceHardWhich of these games was NOT developed by Markus Persson?Flotch
3410GeographyMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat city has the busiest airport in the world?guvperson
3409VehiclesMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat is the name of Nissan's most popular electric car?Agent2583
3408Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumThe browser game; Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん) is heavily inspired bysoftcat
3407Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceHardIn microbiology, the term isolation refers toRozkoz
3406AnimalsMultiple ChoiceHardThe blue blood in the Antarctic octopus comes from a copper-rich protein calledsoftcat
3404Entertainment: Japanese Anime & MangaMultiple ChoiceEasyRe:Zero: Satella is the Witch of "???"softcat
3403Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyIn the game Hearthstone, the best rank possible isRozkoz
3402VehiclesMultiple ChoiceEasyThe LS3 engine is how many cubic inches?LSxGOAT