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5075Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceHardArtis Leon Ivey Jr. is better known as which rap artist?Druss
5074Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich Aerosmith album featured "Walk This Way"?Druss
5073Entertainment: MusicTrue / FalseMediumMetallica collaborated with Rowan Atkinson's Mr Bean on a 1992 comic relief single.Druss
5072Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceEasyWhose albums included "Back in Black" and "Ballbreaker"?Druss
5071Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceMediumWho was walking like an Egyptian in 1981?Druss
5070Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceMedium'74–'75 is a 1993 single from the album Ring by what American band?Druss
5069Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich novelty band was best known for their UK chart hits "Combine Harvester" and "I Am a Cider Drinker" in 1976?Druss
5068Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceHardWhich boxer was famous for striking the gong in the introduction to J. Arthur Rank films?Druss
5067Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceHardWhich scientific unit is named after an Italian nobleman?Druss
5066General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceHardIf you planted the seeds of Quercus robur, what would grow?Druss
5065HistoryMultiple ChoiceHardWhich English king was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine?Druss
5063Entertainment: BooksMultiple ChoiceHardWhich fictional English county was the setting for Thomas Hardy's novels?Druss
5062General KnowledgeTrue / FalseMediumThe British organisation CAMRA stands for The Campaign for Real Ale.Druss
5060Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat was the name of the teenage witch played by Melisa Joan Hart who lives with her witch aunts Hilda and Zelda?Druss
5059GeographyMultiple ChoiceHardThe Maluku islands (informally known as the Spice Islands) belong to which country?Druss
5058PoliticsTrue / FalseMediumJeb Bush was elected as Governor of Florida in 2002, starting his political career.Druss
5057HistoryMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat was the name commonly given to the ancient trade routes that connected the East and West of Eurasia?Druss
5055General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceHardWhich church's interior in Vatican City was designed in 1503 by renaissance architects including Bramante, Michelangelo and Bernini?Druss
5054SportsMultiple ChoiceMediumIn what sport does Fanny Chmelar compete for Germany?Druss
5053GeographyMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat is the name of the only remaining Grand Duchy in the world ?ColonelCholera
5051General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceEasyWhen someone is inexperienced they are said to be what color?Druss
5050CelebritiesMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich TV chef wrote an autobiography titled "Humble Pie"?Druss
5048General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat was the name given to Japanese military dictators who ruled the country through the 12th and 19th Century?Druss
5047General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceMediumIn ancient Greece, if your job were a "hippeus" which of these would you own?Druss
5046Science & NatureTrue / FalseMediumThe most frequent subconscious activity repeated by the human body is blinking.Druss