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4659Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat are Sans and Papyrus named after in "Undertale"?Tijnbane
4657HistoryMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich of the following was Brazil was a former colony under?Tijnbane
4656Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWho created Agent 47 in the game series "Hitman"?YungTris
4655Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyIn the "Hitman" series, what is the name of the main character?YungTris
4654Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceHardWho was the winner of "Big Brother" Season 10?YungTris
4653CelebritiesMultiple ChoiceHardBilly Herrington is from which US state?YungTris
4652CelebritiesMultiple ChoiceHardGabe Newell was born in which year?YungTris
4651Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat is the main character's name in "Braid"?YungTris
4650Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceHardWhat is the default name of the Vampire character in "Shining Soul 2".YungTris
4648HistoryMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat year did the Vietnam War end?rggbnnnnn
4647CelebritiesMultiple ChoiceHardWho was Donald Trump's first wife?rggbnnnnn
4646Entertainment: FilmTrue / FalseEasy"Foodfight!" earned less than $80,000 at box office.rggbnnnnn
4645HistoryMultiple ChoiceMediumWhen was the Grand Patriotic War in the USSR concluded?agaela
4644Entertainment: Video GamesTrue / FalseMediumThe scrapped Sonic the Hedgehog 2 level "Hidden Palace Zone" was later reused in the iOS port of the game. corngus
4643Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich stage was planned to be a part of "Sonic the Hedgehog 2", but was scrapped during development?corngus
4642Entertainment: Video GamesTrue / FalseEasy"Sonic the Hedgehog 2" originally was going to have a time travel system.corngus
4641Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich pop singer was brought in by SEGA to produce the music for "Sonic the Hedgehog 3"?corngus
4640HistoryTrue / FalseEasyThe United States of America was the first country to launch a man into space.cRSpitfire
4639HistoryMultiple ChoiceEasyWho led the Communist Revolution of Russia?cRSpitfire
4638PoliticsTrue / FalseEasyFormer president Theodore Roosevelt (1900-1908) ran for another term under the Progressive Party in 1912.cRSpitfire
4636Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWho is the main villain of the Crash Bandicoot series?Merrolin
4634General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceHardWhere is Apple Inc. headquartered?rggbnnnnn
4633Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceHardWhat is the plane of existence in MicroProse's 1997 "Magic the Gathering"?rggbnnnnn
4632Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat is the name of the main protagonist in "Xenoblade Chronicles"?rggbnnnnn
4631Science: GadgetsMultiple ChoiceHardWhich round does a WW2 M1 Garand fire?warfish12