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5191SportsMultiple ChoiceEasyIn bowling, what is the term used for getting three consecutive strikes?
5190SportsMultiple ChoiceHardWhat team did England beat in the semi-final stage to win in the 1966 World Cup final?
5189SportsMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat team did England beat to win in the 1966 World Cup final?
5170AnimalsMultiple ChoiceHardWhat is the collective noun for vultures?

Unverified Questions

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9080GeographyTrue / FalseHardThe flag of Belarus has a red and white embroidery pattern on the hoist side.
9078Entertainment: Board GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich three consecutive letters of the alphabet have the same point value in Scrabble?
8855GeographyMultiple ChoiceHardSantorini is an island belonging to what European Country?
8854Entertainment: FilmTrue / FalseMediumComedy film 'The Hangover Part II' is mainly set in Vietnam