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4851Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceMedium"The A Team" first aired in the USA and in the UK in what year?
4852MythologyMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat mytological creatures have women's faces and vultures' bodies?
4855Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceMediumLiam Howlett founded which electronic music group in 1990?
4857Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceEasy"Doctor Jones", "Turn Back Time" and "Barbie Girl" were UK number ones for which Eurodance group?

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8855GeographyMultiple ChoiceHardSantorini is an island belonging to what European Country?
8854Entertainment: FilmTrue / FalseMediumComedy film 'The Hangover Part II' is mainly set in Vietnam
8853General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceMediumIf a person's hair is described as 'Titian', what colour is it?
8852Entertainment: Musicals & TheatresMultiple ChoiceMediumIn what Mediterranean country is Bizet's opera "Carmen" set?