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5191SportsMultiple ChoiceEasyIn bowling, what is the term used for getting three consecutive strikes?
5190SportsMultiple ChoiceHardWhat team did England beat in the semi-final stage to win in the 1966 World Cup final?
5189SportsMultiple ChoiceEasyWhat team did England beat to win in the 1966 World Cup final?
5170AnimalsMultiple ChoiceHardWhat is the collective noun for vultures?

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8847General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceEasyIn a standard Gregorian calender, how many months begin with the letter 'J'?
8846General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceMediumAstraphobia is the irrational fear of what?
8845Entertainment: MusicTrue / FalseEasyAlecia Beth Moore is the real name of popular artist Lady Gaga
8844GeographyTrue / FalseMediumTasmania is an island state of Australia.