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5307Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceHardWhat was the UK "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" cheating scandal known as?
5285Entertainment: Cartoon & AnimationsMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat ability does Princess Sofia the First have from her amulet that allows her to breathe underwater?
5276Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceMediumWhere did the Great Storm of 1987 make landfall at, first?
5246Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceHardIn the film "Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix", why was Harry Potter's scream, after Sirius Black died, muted?

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9400Entertainment: Cartoon & AnimationsMultiple ChoiceHardWhat type of car was The Homer from The Simpsons Episode "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" inspired from?
9399Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich game from the CBBC Series "Trapped!" was the only challenge that was passed on Floor 6?
9159GeographyMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich of these places is a location in Cornwall?
9147Entertainment: TelevisionMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat two words always followed The 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler during Season 1 of the Doctor Who reboot?