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ID CategoryTypeDifficultyQuestion
4687HistoryMultiple ChoiceHardBefore the American colonies switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1752, on what date did their new year start?
4686Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich of the following men does not have a chemical element named after him?
3248Science: GadgetsMultiple ChoiceMediumIn what year was the Oculus Rift revealed to the public through a Kickstarter campaign?
2832VehiclesMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich car tire manufacturer is famous for its "P Zero" line?

Unverified Questions

ID CategoryTypeDifficultyQuestion
6940Entertainment: Video GamesTrue / FalseHardGrand Theft Auto V is the fifteenth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series.
6158Entertainment: Japanese Anime & MangaMultiple ChoiceHardIn the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters, what book is Seto Kaiba seen reading at Domino High School?
5904SportsMultiple ChoiceHardWhat is “The Sport of Kings”?
5896Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat is the best selling multi-platform video game of all time?