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5042Science: ComputersMultiple ChoiceEasyIn computing, what does LAN stand for?
5041Science: ComputersMultiple ChoiceEasyIn computing, what does MIDI stand for?
4996Entertainment: Cartoon & AnimationsMultiple ChoiceMediumNickelodeon is owned by what parent company?
4994Entertainment: Cartoon & AnimationsTrue / FalseMediumSnagglepuss was part of the Yogi Yahooies in the 1977 show Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics.

Unverified Questions

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5188Entertainment: MusicMultiple ChoiceMediumWhich member of the British pop group "The Spice Girls" was known as Ginger Spice?
5187Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceMediumIn which film did Humphrey Bogart say "I stick my neck out for nobody"
5186Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceHardWhat was Humphrey Bogart's middle name?
5185Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceMediumWho performed the opening theme song for the James Bond 007 movie "Goldfinger"?