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114HistoryMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat event marked the start of World War II?Mizore
116AnimalsMultiple ChoiceHardWhat was the name of the Ethiopian Wolf before they knew it was related to wolves?Zanzos
118Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich popular First Person Shooter (FPS) franchise, got a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game developed based on its universe?JamesDaGames
120HistoryMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich one of these was not a beach landing site in the Invasion of Normandy?Mizore
121Entertainment: Video GamesTrue / FalseMediumThe retail disc of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 only comes with the tutorial.JamesDaGames
122Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyIn which series of games do you collect souls to empower you and buy weaponry and armor with?Fez
123Science & NatureMultiple ChoiceHardWhat is considered the rarist form of color blindness?Mizore
124Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWhen was the original Star Wars: Battlefront II released?GhostaTheHidden
125MythologyMultiple ChoiceEasyWho was the only god from Greece who did not get a name change in Rome?Zanzos
126Entertainment: BooksMultiple ChoiceEasyGeorge Orwell wrote this book, which is often considered a statement on government oversight.Mizore
127PoliticsMultiple ChoiceEasyWhose 2016 presidential campaign slogan was "Make America Great Again"?Fez
130Science: ComputersTrue / FalseMediumThe HTML5 standard was published in 2014.GhostaTheHidden
131AnimalsMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat does "hippopotamus" mean and in what langauge?Zanzos
132General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceHardElectronic music producer Kygo's popularity skyrocketed after a certain remix. Which song did he remix?Fez
133HistoryMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat disease crippled President Franklin D. Roosevelt and led him to help the nation find a cure? TanookiJon
134Entertainment: Cartoon & AnimationsTrue / FalseEasyIn the "Shrek" film franchise, Donkey is played by Eddie Murphy.JamesDaGames
135Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceMediumWhen Halo 3: ODST was unveiled in 2008, it had a different title. What was the game formally called?JamesDaGames
136Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyLeague of Legends, DOTA 2, Smite and Heroes of the Storm are all part of which game genre?JamesDaGames
137GeographyMultiple ChoiceHardWhat country is not a part of Scandinavia?ereqqu
138General KnowledgeMultiple ChoiceEasyVirgin Trains, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Racing, are all companies owned by which famous entrepreneur? JamesDaGames
139Entertainment: Video GamesMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich company did Gabe Newell work at before founding Valve Corporation?JamesDaGames
140Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceEasyWhich movie released in 2016 features Superman and Batman fighting?Fez
141Entertainment: FilmMultiple ChoiceEasyDaniel Radcliffe became a global star in the film industry due to his performance in which film franchise?JamesDaGames
142GeographyMultiple ChoiceMediumWhat European country is not a part of the EU?ereqqu
143Entertainment: Board GamesTrue / FalseEasySnakes and Ladders was originally created in India?MadJack